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Sporting photographs added in 2005


This collection of photographs was added in January 2005 as part of the continuing development of the website.    We continue to receive photographs from many sources, and rather than reorganising all the previous ones, are simply adding this latest collection in chronological order.    We are indebted to Jimmy Dignall, Alan Grosset, Ian Bishop and the Rector, George Smuga, for access to the Club archives currently stored in the School (among others) for this material.   Please keep it coming !


1948-49 Junior 1XV.   Jim Dignall and Eric Ireland are in there...

1950 u14 XV

1952 School Rugby v Merchiston

1954 2nd X1

1955 Senior 2 Cricket

1955 Senior 2 Rugby

1958 2nd X1

JA1 XV 1960/61

1960 Langholm 7's winners

1962 School 1st XV v Merchiston

1965 School Cricket 1965-66 FP Rugby 1971 Hillhead 7's winners School 2nd XV 1966-67 2003 Scottish cup plate winners

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