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Sporting photographs added 2009-2014

New photographs are necessarily becoming a little more unusual as the life of the website increases, but a flurry of activity has followed Hugh Mackenzie's recent Rugby Club History exploits.  Other examples have been unearthed by George Neilson, Arthur Ross, Hamish Strang, Bruce Laidlaw, Rod Neilson, 'Rab' Robertson and others



This unlikely photo shows five players named MacKenzie in one game.  Hugh is on the left 1959-60 FP's V PP's.  Stuart MacMillan and Jim Jarvis are waiting for the coin to drop... This after-match scene from the 1960 tour to Penarth shows worthies including John Hood, Doug Grahamslaw and Jim Dignall 1960 1st XV versus Penarth in Wales 1960 game versus Old Wesleyans at Jocks Lodge

U20 Goldenacre 7's winners: Laidlaw, Cowper, Speight, Scott, Robertson, Orr, 'Rammer' Ramsay PP 1st XV 1960-61 - Bill McCosh Captain 1963-64 PP's versus FP's.  The PP's claim they won.   Names in the adjoining image There are so many faces in the adjoining photo that we have enclosed the 'legend' showing the names.  Note that the backs played as forwards in the first half PP 1st XV 1961-62 - Bill McCosh Captain
1963-64 XV versus Trinity Accies - Graeme Smith (second left in the front row) playing the second of his two games for the first XV Here's a fine picture of Jock's Lodge at its best 1960's PP 2nd XV 1966-67 FP 1st XV.   Gavin Lockhart and Graham Livingstone are missing from the photo 1967-68 FPXV.  The Centenary season team
1969 Scottish side sets off for Argentina.    Bruce Laidlaw is on the steps of the BEA plane.   Arthur Orr joined the party in London 125th Anniversary Dinner 1971-72 PP 1st XV.   Undefeated after 25 games.    Names are on the photo


Post War Captains at Barnton


1990 Old Crocks - at the Barnton opening
A grainy 1958 newspaper cutting of the FP basketball team.    Club Hon. Pres. George Henry is second left in the front row Apologies for the quality... the 1958 School XV on the school's first ever visit to Dublin The Co-optimists 2009 Quinquennial - a clutch of RHSFP Co-optimists - (L to R, back to front) Stewart, Bryden, Barclay, Dignall, Ronaldson and Neilson The Co-optimists 2009 Quinquennial - Cammie Stewart, Jimmy Dignall, Charlie Bryden, Brian Anderson and Roy Cowper (representing brother Iain) Junior Cricket XI, 1960.    Captain D.N.Russell ably supported by Dougie Flett and scorer Rab Forman
Junior Rugby XV, 1959-60.  Rab Forman Captains, ably supported by Douglas Flett and John Mitchell 1964-65 School 2nd (we think) XV, notably Captained by V Tudball, supported by John Mitchell, Dougie Flett and a very young looking M Bryden back right 1964-65 School 2nd (we think) XV, Captain knot known, supported by Jim Inch, the brothers Grieve, Dougie Flett, supervised by Bill Bowie The faded image of the 1892 FP XI at their home in Newington The 1902 FP XI at Holyrood (just where the Parliament building now stands...

1962 School cricket fixture list.  Sandey Tilley Captain, and Dougie McMahon master-in-charge A cricket match at Holyrood in the late 19th Century.    The tower at the left still exists! School cricket early 1960's.    Do you recognise anyone? The recently discovered photo of the 1921 FP 1st XV 1954-55 School Rugby, featuring messers Livingstone, Whitelaw, Wood and Orr
1964-65 FP 1st XV match, date / opponents unknown - can anyone help? 1964 U20 Goldenacre 7's winners: Back Row: Laidlaw, Cowper, Speight, Scott.   Front row: Robertson, Orr, Ramsay October 23 1972 saw Cammie Stewart being married.    Can you recognise the other miscreants?

1964 Greenock 7's presentation, 'Rab' Robertson receives the trophy.   Orr, Allison, Elvin, Paul, Gilchrist and Mann in the background


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