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A number of books  and pamphlets have been written about the School and its pupils, and the Former Pupils,  including the following:


History of the High School of Edinburgh William D Steven   1849 220 page history from 1519 to 1848.   The author was a former Head Master of Heriots !
The Royal High School Edinburgh James J Trotter, 1911 195 page record from 1128 to 1911 by the then Teacher of German
Roll of Honour  1914-1918  William C A Ross   1920 100 page record of "Our Schoolfellows who gave their lives for their country"
The Royal High School William C A Ross (Deputy Rector)    1934 146 page history from 1503 to 1934.  Presented free to leaving pupils until 1944
The Tounis Scule James B Barclay   1974 152 page update of Ross's 1934 volume with extensive appendices (q.v.)
A History of the Royal High School John Murray (Deputy Rector)   1997 147 page history of the School and Club from 1128 to 1997
The Royal High School Club James B Barclay   1999 33 page pamphlet detailing Club history from 1849 to 1999
The Royal High digital history Tom Bacciarelli / A Allanach 2017 A digital archive, first edition June 2017


            Volume by Walter Scott Dalgleish 1857      No further information at present


            History of RHS FP Rugby Club 1868-1968   An 80 page history by Bob Ironside/Sandy Thorburn

  The RHS FP Rugby Club 1868-2002           An illustrated history by Hugh Mackenzie and friends


            For information about any of these publications, please contact


            Other Publications (which will be featured in future website editions) include;


bulletSchola Regia
bulletAnnual Report
bulletSchool Newsletter
bulletYear books




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