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A number of books have been written about the School and its pupils, including the following


            History of the High School of Edinburgh   William D Steven   1849

                220 page history from 1519 to 1848.   The author was a former Head Master of Heriots !

             The Royal High School     William C A Ross (Deputy Rector)    1934

               146 page history from 1503 to 1934.  Presented free to leaving pupils until 1944

            Roll of Honour  1914-1918     William C A Ross   1920

                100 page record of "Our Schoolfellows who gave their lives for their country"

            The Tounis Scule    James B Barclay   1974

                152 page update of Ross's 1934 volume with extensive appendices (q.v.)

            A History of the Royal High School     John Murray (Deputy Rector)   1997

                147 page history of the School and Club from 1128 to 1997

            The Royal High School Club     James B Barclay    1999

                33 page pamphlet detailing Club history from 1849 to 1999



            Volume by Walter Scott Dalgleish 1857      No further information at present

            Volume by James J Trotter, 1911                 No further information at present

            History of RHS Rugby Club 1968                 No further information at present


            For information about any of these publications, please contact


            Other Publications (which will be featured in future website editions) include;


bulletSchola Regia
bulletAnnual Report
bulletSchool Newsletter
bulletYear books




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