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The following table contains  contacts by leaving year...  You will notice that there are several years waiting for names !     Please contact us if you would like to be a leaving year representative.       The duties have yet to be fully agreed, but we feel sure they will be no more onerous than volunteers wish them to be.      The principal reason is to provide a first contact for FP's who may wish to know more about the Club without feeling that they have to contact the Secretary or other committee member.


Leaving year


Name Email address Telephone
1949 Ken Skinner    
1960 Stuart Macmillan
0131 261 9936
1961 Roy Cowper           -
1965 Val Tudball 0131 317 8374
1967 Stuart Ainslie            -
1990 Alan Mitchell  0061 2 9272 2337
1991 Eddie Tait            -
1992 David Williamson 0131 220 3574
1996 David Huggan            -




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