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This page includes class and prefect pictures from a variety of years.    Photos from Jock's Lodge, Regent Road  and Barnton are shown here. 


1937-38 Prefects.   Jim Ford is on the left in the front row Class 1B 1953 Class 3B 1952-53 Class 3A 1952-53 1963 School prefects Rev McNicol's 1963 Class
1959 School prefects 1937-38 School Prefects Joe Millan, George Farlowe etc 19?? Class 1a 1950 Class 1b 1950 Highland dancers - donated by Grahame Saunders
1948 Class 2A. 1949 Class 1B (per J Dignall) 1952-53 Class 7A Primary 7B 1966-1967 1957 Class 3X (per Gordon McConnachie) 1996 - Messers MacIver, Murray and Friends
1949 Class 1A (per J Morton Robertson) 1966-67 School Prefects (J A Mackie Captain) 1966 Prize-Giving. Dave Somerville (top right with other teachers), Dougie Flett and David Robb in the prefects group


1950's School Group.   The year is unknown but Joe Millan and George Farlowe are in there somewhere

1964-65 School 'Celebritires' - names on photo

1967 School Celebrities (Ian Bishop, Doug Currie and others)

1965-66 Prefects (W.G. Seath - Captain) 1950's Junior School from Stuart Coghill Bob Ironside ('Tinribs') Latin class of 1956 1951 fourth form class featuring Stu Macfarlane, Gordon 'Badger' Smith, Graham McCarter and others RHS Junior School 'Cave Men' circa 1945 featuring John Fraser extreme left in middle row 1956 - 6th form, courtesy of Murray Nicholson.   Photo taken by Robin Dunbar.    Featuring Ogilvie Pretsell, Colin Dale, David Essery, Richard Jackson (School Captain) and form master George Gray
1940 41 Form 3.  The future Dr Philip Cowen is 2nd right front row.  Photo from Irene Beckwith 1968 Celebrities, including Pipe-Major Crossley and others (names on photo) 1969 Celebrities, including School Captain Brean Hammond (names on photo) 1970 Celebrities, including School Captain Andrew George (names on photo)    

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