This topic will largely contain articles which are or are on, or are scheduled to be published in the Royal High School digital history. This product has existed in USB form since 2017, when it was first handed to all leaving pupils at the Prize Giving.

2019 digital history menu options (click to enlarge)

The current format of the digital history can be seen in the image of the contents page, which shows that there are currently nineteen main topics, along with an introduction, Acknowledgements and Contact form. It contains full searchable PDF versions of John Murray’s 1997 History, and the 1974 ‘The Tounis Scule’ by John B Barclay.

The history has been updated on an annual basis since 2017, but many topics are ‘waiting in the wings’ prior to being published, or existing ones waiting for updates.

The digital history can be purchased via an enquiry using the Contact form. In the next paragraph, we will demonstrate how one of the pending articles has developed, and after many iterations of update by a number of contributors eventually finds it way into the latest product. Over 1,000 images and articles are linked to the topics, content which has been gathering since the early 2000’s when the Royal High School Club website (Edinburgh version) was first created. Over 100 former pupils and other contacts (often relatives) have forwarded information in the intervening 20 years, and most of it has been used and is available to view. It is intended in due course to create some form of index of the many files. In the meantime you will just have to use the search facilities on this website, or trawl through the archive website as search facilities could not be provided in that project.

Teachers on the last day at Regent Road, 27th June 1968

Remarkably, someone had the inspired vision to ensure that a photograph was taken as the life of the Regent Road School was about to be extinguished. The following gallery shows the original photograph, a version with identifying numbers for each individual, an extract from the 1968 Annual Report showing the official list of teachers, and a fourth component which is our current list of those identified in the photograph. You’ll note that list contains just 41 of the 57 names, so your help is required. Have a look, and if you can add anything, or suggest inaccuracies, please Contact us.

Information in this article has been augmented by Archie Davidson and Ian R C Cowie


Teachers through the ages

We plan to have a full article on teachers in due course, but in the meantime you’ll have to do with a slideshow where we hope you will see some of your favourites…

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