This website benefits from a huge amount of archive material, which develops year on year as we record the life of the School and of the Former Pupils. The material can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Existing Histories – five main volumes, dating from 1849 through 1997. All five have been digitised, with the latest two (1997 and 1974) being available on the digital history USB (q.v.)
  • Annual Reports (AR’s) – Earliest we have is 1849, the latest 2021. Around 60 paper versions have been digitised, and since 2007, the paper format has been augmented by digital versions. Many of the queries we answer are supported by extracts from AR’s.
  • Schola Regia magazines – from 1897 to the late 1990’s – they’ve become somewhat sparse of late. Around 35 have been digitized, and form the basis of the article in the digital history, a condensed version of which is available as a PDF here
  • The legacy RHS Club Edinburgh website
  • The RHS London Club website
  • The RHS Digital History – currently available on a USB drive – click here for a JPEG of the top level menu
  • Wikipedia and other learned (and not-so-learned) online sources

All of these sources will be expanded in due course, and it is the Editor’s intention to publish an abbreviated version of the Digital History (view as a picture only – not an interactive version in this website).

In the meantime, we can offer you a very useful document from the digital history, one which shows a timeline from 1990 through 2020, in respect of Duxes, Captains, Rectors, Notable Events, and RHS Club Presidents for every year.

This document has been enabled by the Annual Reports and information contained in the RHS Club Edinburgh website.

Click here for a PDF, or click the accompanying image for a larger version