About Us

The Royal High School  Club  was founded in 1849 with the objective of maintaining the history and standards of the principal school of Edinburgh

  • Who can join? – Any former pupil of the School, and any current teacher Ex Officio
  • Is there a membership fee? – No
  • How do I apply for membership? – Please Contact us. Please start the message with ‘Membership application’
  • How does the Club operate? – There is a Committee, with a President, Secretary and Treasurer. The School Rector is part of the Committee
  • What does the Club do? – It offers support to members, supports many School events, for example Prize Giving’s and Remembrance Services, it provides financial support for a range of School activities, and the President is involved in a number of School committees. The Historian provides a range of support and facilities including a digital history and research services. Clause IV of the Club Constitution states: “The objects of the Club shall be generally to promote the interests of the High School, maintain a good understanding, and form a bond of union among the Former Pupils of that institution”
  • Does the Club hold events? – The Annual Dinner, normally held in March is our principal event. We have other social events from time to time, and also support the Dinner which the Royal High School Club in London hosts annually.
  • Do you have a circulation list to which I can be added? – Yes, we maintain an email list of over 500 names, to which you can be added (always assuming you qualify as a member)