Covid Schola Regia 1

This article is a successor to the Covid Schola Regia page created in 2021. That article sought to “record the experiences of Pupils and Staff during the Covid pandemic of the past year”. The 2021 article contained videos from the senior team (Captain and two Vice-Captains), immediate past Captain and the Rector. This time the senior team is represented just by the Captain, while a past Captain and Rector once again voice their experiences. In common with the previous version, the videos were recorded and edited by RHS Club President Ian R C Cowie, who also acts as interviewer.

Ian said “Given the success of last year’s Covid Schola Regia, it made sense to produce an update, just to show how things progressed in the second year of the pandemic”.

To provide a taste of what is contained in the full interviews, an introduction and trailer are provided as a short version of the event.


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Jessica Davies
School Captain 2021-22

Pauline Walker

Lucy Krauth
School Captain 2019-20

Introduction and trailer
Ian R C Cowie
President RHS Cub