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STOP PRESS – Annual Dinner cancelled

Due to the pandemic, the last ‘live’ event was the visit of the Duke of Kent in January 2020, but in the meantime there have been a few others:

The 100th Birthday of John Cruikshank VC (see article below)

The Virtual Prize Giving. The Club contributed by providing video segments from Club President Ian Cowie, also former Club President Frank Crowe who provided the FP Address. These segments were produced and recorded by Ian ‘Capra’ Cowie, the latter with the assistance of the club historian as Best Boy/ Key Grip.

A brilliant three and a half minute ‘Video message to all Pupils during lockdown‘ created from individual slides from around ninety staff members, telling the pupils that they are missing them, asking them to stay safe, and looking forward to seeing them when its possible. If you watch until the end, you’ll see Rector Pauline…oh, and the Cockapoo is called Cassie.

The creation of a fifth ‘Nation’ – the Gaels. The Nation system was introduced in 1912 by Rector William J Watson, and has proved acceptable until recent increases in the school role has required the creation of an extra ‘management ‘ group. School Nation Captains (two per Nation) have become a vital part of the organisation and management of the school, and the fifth Nation will help distribute their key effort. We are advised that the new Nation colour has yet to be selected.

The Digital History was not distributed this year, but if you want to see what you are missing, click here. The History is available for a modest fee- please Contact us

Coming soon – the launch of the new Rector-inspired Biography project


STOP PRESSAnnual Dinner Cancelled, but there is an alternative…

Mike Shepley – Guest speaker at the virtual dinner. Mike’s artwork is never dullclick to enlarge

Sadly, but inevitably, the Annual Dinner will not take place this year. However, our Club President (and video wizard) is masterminding a virtual event, with guest speaker, Mike Shepley (leaving year 1961), architect, artist, angler and film maker, also contributions from the Rector. the present School Captain with Vice Captains and last years Captains – documenting Covid Schola Regia.

It is intended that the events will go live on the Edinburgh and London Club websites by the end of March


The 100th Birthday of John Alexander Cruikshank VC

The RHS Club decided to approach John Cruikshank VC to ask if he would like a video presentation from the Club to celebrate his 100th birthday. He was very pleased, and a small team comprising 2019-2020 School Captain Lucy Krauth, Club President Ian Cowie, and Club historian Alastair Allanach combined to produce and deliver the video to Craigielea Gardens in Aberdeen where he now resides. The story of the episode which warranted the extraordinary award of the Victoria Cross was made as a documentary in 1995 by the British Film Institute (BFI), and is available here, and some background to John’s life and the Victoria Cross Citation is available here.

The video which we produced is available here, the birthday card which we sent John is available here, and a selection of photographs and memorabilia is shown below. Click any of the images to enable a full-sized gallery.

Acknowledgements for help in the production of this tribute are due to to Squadron Leader Alasdair Beaton, June Nelson (for the Vivas Schola Regia music), Tessa Minshull (leaving year 2018) for the Regent Road drawing, and the staff of Craigielea Gardens Aberdeen for conveying our messages and greetings to John