This product has been developed on, and ideally for use on Microsoft desktop platforms. It may not look good on smartphones, and a variety of issues can occur when users try to access information on Apple products, sadly considering how popular they have become.. Your editor is at least for the moment concentrating on content rather than platform accessibility, and apologises to all you Steve Jobs fans. Should you encounter access issues please contact us – always assuming of course you can get this far…

As part of the testing process, we have thus far (March 2022) found more than one browser/operating system issue, as follows:

  • Safari on Apple Mac – possibly also an issue with Safari/Microsoft
  • Chrome on iPad

These may of course be surmountable, but we are unsure.

The browser/operating system combinations through which the website has been accessed are as follows:

  • Chrome on Microsoft 8 and 10
  • Edge on Microsoft 10
  • Chrome on Apple Mac / Mac Book Pro
  • Firefox on Microsoft 10
  • Android 5.1.1 on Samsung Galaxy J3


Firstly there is the ‘Search’ facility, which is on the top right of each page. Try it; it works, but only if you have some clue of what you are looking for. A major issue with WordPress search highlighted by many site visitors is that it simply lists the topics where your keyword entry exists, requiring a search of each topic to locate any matches. Secondly, we intend to have have an Index and Glossary page, which hopefully will explain what is in the history; you might choose to use the Search facility thereafter… Thirdly, we have a menu structure and explanations in each menu item which hopefully will act as their own ‘help’ facility. Your last resort (before sighing, then signing off ) is to contact us

Linked items

e.g. photos, articles, videos, jumps to other pages etc. In general, these will be shown as bold dark red. Apologies from your web-editor if any have been missed…

Photo Gallery tips

Some users have mentioned that they seem to be unable to exit the full-page photo gallery display without closing the page. Galleries can be closed by clicking the small ‘x’ at the top right of each page. An individual image can be revealed by clicking the ‘View full size’ at the bottom right of each gallery page.


Other Help topics will be available soon…