This page contains several articles about teachers, including;

  • Teachers through the ages
  • Teachers on the last day at Regent Road
  • Some teachers credited with changing pupils direction and consequentially career prospects. Many of you will have your favourites, but the current list includes:
    • Jessie P Young (nee Brown) 192x – 196x)
    • Nigel McIsaac
    • Jock Dewar
    • Archie Davidson


Teachers through the ages

We plan to have a full article on teachers in due course, but in the meantime you’ll have to do with a slideshow where we hope you will see some of your favourites…

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Teachers on the last day at Regent Road, 27th June 1968

Remarkably, someone had the inspired vision to ensure that a photograph was taken as the life of the Regent Road School was about to be extinguished. The following gallery shows the original photograph, a version with identifying numbers for each individual, an extract from the 1968 Annual Report showing the official list of teachers, and a fourth component which is our current list of those identified in the photograph. You’ll note that list contains just 41 of the 57 names, so your help is required. Have a look, and if you can add anything, or suggest inaccuracies, please Contact us.

Information in this article has been augmented by Archie Davidson and Ian R C Cowie