Biographies always seem to figure importantly in the summation of any history. The Rector recently asked for some updated ‘inclusive’ versions, which inevitably has included some relatively recent leavers, bringing into focus the fact that Sir Walter Scott, Alexander Graham Bell and Ronnie Corbett are not the only prominent names to matriculate from the school.

The school historian, in tandem with Tom Bacciarelli (RHS Head of English for around 25 years until 2016) has launched the first six, using the London Club’s splendid website environment as the launchpad. You can see them here. Many thanks to the London Club’s webmaster Will Dunnett for so expertly designing the feature.

Accompanying that feature is a Summary document (around 10,000 words) which has a mix of detailed and high level biographies for thirty plus names. The next set of full biographies will almost certainly emanate from the names in that document, so if you are wondering when we intend to address your favourite FP, please take a look at the document here.

One of the individuals who we intend to be in the next tranche of six biographies is Dame Anne Richards (leaving year 1981), who is working on completing her biography interview document.

2018 Barnton 50th celebrations – Dynamic Earth gala dinner – Anne Richards being interviewed by Tom Bacciarelli. Click the image to see a full sized version.

In the meantime, Anne has given us permission to provide a link to the short video we made of the interview she gave the history during the 2018 Gala dinner at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh as part of the Barnton 50th Anniversary celebrations. She fought off the attention of the velociraptor which was moved from elsewhere in the museum at great expense to form part of the background to the ‘red carpet’ film set we created for the three interviews we undertook. The other victims were John Murray and Ken Thomson, and their videos will be available here in due course. We secured the services of Tom Bacciarelli to conduct the interviews, Ian (Frank Capra) Cowie as Producer Director, and Alastair Allanach completing the film crew as as key grip/ best boy/ dogsbody.